Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day SSpiritually

A friend lamented, ' my valentine (hubby) is with his valentine ' !! I did not want to rub salt asking her, 'why is he not your valentine?' Point to ponder :)

So, it is a working day ! How are you spending this day ?
At work in office or elsewhere, studying at school/college, working at home or just watching cricket ?
The most loved cricketer is out early - three batsmen out at 15 ! His 100th ton still away !

Start the day with Love 
Fill the day with Love 
End the day with Love 
This is the way to God - - Baba

True love is love for God. But often we end up reducing it to a worldly level.

BTW, did you check my very special new year gift ? Pls do read the book "Zero Limits" by Joe Vithale.

It talks about the power behind the prayer, "I Love You". Not a mere filmi 'I L U', but the 'You' here refers to Divinity. Initially, even if we feel we are chanting mechanically, no problem. We will see the shift in intensity, slowly but surely. It is a natural process...

Hence God says, 'take one step towards me... I will take hundred steps towards you'. We just need to make the first step....towards permanent bliss.

So, this Valentine Day, let us visualize Divinity, our favourite form, and chant, ' I Love You'. The concentration, the intent and focus, very criTical.

Let this be be today's chant 108 times, still better 1008 times. Test & see the "experience", bliss guaranteed.

God, will you be my Valentine today ??!!

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Vishwanath Seshadri said...

"Love"ly thought !!