Thursday, January 05, 2012

My New Year gift for you...a very special one.

This is one of the most inspiring, practical & spiritual books I have ever read.

As the author says, there are 3 stages in our lives -'first we feel we are victims, second we think we are under control & third, if we are lucky, we are Divine instruments'

We are not ' living ' at all, if we are in the first 2 stages. Very often we may feel we are victim/under control, at times, Divine instruments. But, when we interospect, we will get clarity.

How to live as Divine Instruments...? Just read this book. Pls do read . . .

This book idea is my Spl gift. Go pick up from your book store, or order on-line, from Amazon or Flipkart. ZERO LIMITS by Joe Vittale. Happy reading

Let us try Live SSpiritually...


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