Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Form to Formless

As we moved closer to April 24th, lot of SSpiritual action!

A brief trip to karma (bhoomi) region. 
  • The beauty of being under Swami's Grace, to be able to part of such events and to be in satsang with so many great folks... great experience!
  • Of course, it is just divine grace to participate... To have been blessed with the awareness, faith and love for Sai.
  • Got to travel with son, on his summer vacations, was extra fun too ( desert safari included!)
  • The sessions had a very powerful effect on me... felt spirutally dazed, I must add. But as I checked for morning update on news, got to watch the program on Asianet (malayalam) channel !! That was totally unexpected & had a calming effect on me, surely
  • The trip back home was so very comfortable ( I am pleasantly surprised all my recent trips have been totally smooth & hassle free ! Too good to believe, compared to my past experiences :) No complaints, just gratitude!)

It was blissful one & half day of spiritual retreat - brilliant arrangements, wonderful collage of videos and very inspiring sessions
Most importantly, few inspiring take aways...
  • Atmosphere to Atma-sphere
  • Simplicity - best city
  • Chinna Katha - simple, beautiful stories
  • "GO BACK", Swami = go back to your Source
  • Divinity has to be 'experiened'
  • Spirituality = to live at spirit level
  • Start today the sadhana you wanted to start tomorrow - start NOW !
  • 9 Point code 
  • Read SSS Speaks & Vahinis
  • Give up what has to be given up
  • Keertana - for self. But, sankeertana - for all = double promotion
  • Moha kshaya = Moksha
  • Namasmarana
  • Seva - gram seva - ( e g - go to village school & intro scholarship)
  • Unity
Personally, a great way to bid good bye to the region...which has given me so much ! All Divine Grace

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