Saturday, April 28, 2012

Maha Samadhi Celeberations From Form to Formless

23 April 2012 :
    As I touched down at Bangalore, the pilot announced temperature at over 30 degrees! Quite hot, for a city of garden, I thought!
·      As we drove to Prashanthi Nilayam/Puttaparthi, the taxi driver got a call, enquiring if it was raining ! It was n’t !
·      But, as we reached PSN, it was evident the township had received a short  & quick shower. Even Mother Nature was doing her bit, as the preparations were on for Maha Samadhi celebrations.
·      Ashram wore a festive look.
·      Ganesha statue had a silver kavacha.
·      As I settled down at my flat (yet another beautiful example of how Swami fulfilled even smallest of my wishes), I looked at the horizon, across Chithravathi river. The weather conditions may be labeled ‘cloudy and humid’ by weather-man or a layman! The entire atmosphere wore a sad look?! Or was was it reflection of my state of mind?!
    On channel #2, bhajans are going on.. only audio streaming
    On channel #23, Swami’s discourse on, one of the recent ones:
o   He spoke extensively on the need for UNITY
o   Swami mentioned, all values existed on a stand-alone, but only UNITY did not exist.
o   Unity even among husband & wife needed, He advised. All minor problems were ‘passing clouds
o   Swami also had a big word of praise for Muddenahalli campus. He announced His Sankalpa to step up His Educare there. Indeed, Muddenahalli has a special place in His heart.

Perhaps the discourse was a reminder to work together in the Divine Mission. 

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