Monday, May 07, 2012

Golden Age predicted by an economist

Came across this interesting interview in DNA - 'US, India are on the verge of a social revolution'

Ravi Batra is an Indian Amerian economist & professor in US.

He is also famous for some big predictions, such as fall of Communism ( in 1978!!), etc.

Of course, the forecasts are based on THE LAW OF SOCIAL CYCLE, pioneered by his guru, Late Sri Sarkar.

'It works on the human mind !! 
He divides society in to four categories - warriors, intellecuals, acquisitors & labourers'. I felt this is similar to the four strata of our society, kshatriyas, brahmins, vaishyas & sudras, respectively.
As per the theory, each of the groups take turns to dominate/rule the society.

As such, US & India are on the verge of a social revolution.... His latest book is titled, The New Golden Age!

A quick check of Amazon reviews - 14/15 have rated 5/5 !!

My fervent hope is the Golden Age will based on a strong foundation of spirituality, as the world collecively seem to slip to a new low in its materialistic pursuits !

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