Sunday, May 27, 2012

Law of Karma - way out ?

We blame karma for lot of things. We feel 'victimised' in the present. But, there is way out of Karma-effect, at least partially: 

The Law of Karma is not an irreversible iron law. Dedication to the divine and purification of thoughts, words and deeds invite divine benediction. The effects of karma can be modified and its rigour, mitigated through grace. 

But then, the path is not easy.... With so much distraction. The choice is ours!

When vices hold sway over your heart, it becomes foul and sooty. The flames of desire, anger and miserliness (kaama, krodha andlobha) leave char within your heart. Do not despair or lose heart if vices trouble you. 

If at all we needed confirmation... God is everywhere, always ready to shower Grace. We just need to make the choice and be on it, with 'relentless discipline'. Not easy, not difficult, But the choice is definitely ours, to Live SSpiritually !

There is no place where God is not present. There is no being to whom He denies blessings. Grace manifests itself by quenching the flames within your heart and confers bliss which desire, anger and miserliness can never confer. God is immanent and eternal. Follow the path and obey the ideals laid down by the Lord with relentless discipline. Your mind will be purified and divine grace will be ref lected therein.
- Divine Discourse, Apr 10, 1965.

Source - Sai Inspires fro m RadioSai

PS : Even the picture appearing on the blog is just appropriate - the mighty Himalayas  

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