Wednesday, July 04, 2012

God Particle & Guru Poornima

The world is going ga-ga over God Particle: 'Scientists 99.99% sure of having discovered Higgs boson particle'. 
0.001% still unsure :)

Incidentally this has happened just when Guru Poornima was celebrated world over. 

The world should be going after Sadguru or God, instead of God-particles !

How ? One of the ways.... to live by Sai-ideal: Live SSpiritually!

By moderating and modulating the habits of eating and drinking, one can lay the foundation for a spiritual life. You must prefer sathwik (pure and vegetarian) foods to rajasikfoods. By drinking intoxicating stuff, one loses control over one’s emotions, passions, impulses, instincts, speech and movements; and one even descends to the level of a beast. By eating flesh, one develops violent tendencies and animal diseases. The mind becomes more intractable when one indulges in rajasik food. It is difficult to remould the mind, if such food is consumed with relish. To dwell on God, one should be vigilant about the food and drink consumed by both - the body and the mind.
- Divine Discourse, Apr 19, 1965
Courtesy - Radio Sai

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