Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Notes from PSN

Reached Parthi Saturday, late afternoon. Weather was a lot better this time, but only over-cast sky. 
  • But, it kept drizzling on Sunday. It was almost like being in Kodai !
Hills around the region are seeing some digging - seemingly to collect rain water & make it more green. Great initiative. The region is a lot greener that it used to be 20 years back. But, we all should collectively make it greener & cleaner ( lot of scope to clean up too, esp in the village, outside Ashram)

But, rains are still not enough. Lands have been ploughed. Farmers seem to be waiting for more rains, so that they can get on with their agri-related activities. Let us pray for more rains.... 
  • BTW, prayers have worked in Blore. City got torrential rains on Sunday !

Had a quick south-Indian-meals at Sai Towers
  • Like Masala Dosa, SI-Meals also deserve to be part of list top-10 food to eat, before you die !
Delayed lunch meant, late for dinner. So, took a soup & light food at Hanuman cafe.
  • These are two places serving devotees with hygeinic, delicious and reasonably-priced food. Like the ambience & service also.
  • Afterall we are at PSN not for food-for-body, but for nourishment of the soul.
Ran into a devotee from our region, who very kindly invited me to his place. Last year, around same time, all roads led to his flat - thanks to vibhuti materialisation at his place.
  • This year there was an encore of the Divine Grace ! Vibhuti was flowing out of photos, Swami-robe, et al !!!
  • But, this time around, devotees seem to be blissfully unaware of the miracle !
  • Sunday afternoon I went over, spent sometime silently praying at the flat. 
Bhajans at Parthi are very, very special. Nothing musically-comparable to that. With the weather so nice, ambience full of devotion.... truly Divine. 

Spent just one day at Parthi... but such a wonderful experience!

Love to all ! Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu!

Few images from Parthi:

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