Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hanumanji of Sai Rama

Greetings from Prashanthi Nilayam...

Yesterday while driving to PSN, was listening to devotional songs by Jagjit Singhji, the ghazal maestro. One of the songs mentioned 'Hanumanji as the ultimate devotee'.

Once at PSN, at the dinner table, we were discussing the lyrics thereof. When a question was asked : Who was/is the Hanuman ji of Sai Rama?

I was prompt to add, as there was no re-incarnation of the Chiranjeevi, perhaps there was none in this avtaar. I hastened to add though, there were several souls who were blessed with the opportunity to serve the Lord, almost like Hanuman ji.

Just received the post-script of the RadioSai interview with Sri K Chakravarthy. It just reminded me of the conversation yesterday & hence this post. 

Having seen Sri KC over all these years, surely he is one of them, Hanuman-like in Servitude. Earlier as Registrar and thereafter as Secretary and now as Trustee, he has been a true workaholic. He is one of most brilliant minds I have seen too. He was blessed to have God as his Boss ! How fortunate.... His wife, a loving 'aunty' for all students...


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