Thursday, February 28, 2013


The letter ‘Gu’ in the word Guru signifies Gunatheetha - the one who has transcended the three qualities of Ignorance (Thamasik), Passion (Rajasik) and Virtuousness (Sathvik) and the letter ‘Ru’ signifies the one who is Roopa Varjitha (Beyond the Form). 

The Guru destroys illusion and sheds light, His Presence is ever cool and comforting. He comes to remind people that they have forgotten that they have lost the most precious part within themselves and yet are unaware of it! He is the Physician for curing the illness which brings about the repetitive suffering from birth to death. He is adept at the treatment needed for the cure. If you have not yet got such a Guru, Pray to the Lord Himself to show the way and He will most certainly come to your rescue! 

---- BABA
- Sai Inspires 1/3/13 Courtesy Radio Sai

Greatest of all fortunes, surely across all lives so far, to have the Lord as the Guru... Sadguru. Just Diving Grace... ! 

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