Friday, August 09, 2013

Samarpan at Brindavan with Phyllis Krystal 3


  Phyllis stress on the need to practice Swami’s teachings, even if just one teaching, to achieve enlightenment.

For many years she kept her work and Bhagwan’s message separate meticulously. But now Baba is allowing her to talk about both, continuing to guide constantly. 

For a shy and reluctant speaker, Baba has guided her to lead seminars and give talks, in different parts of world. Now at 99, she says, ‘As long as Baba wants to use me as His instrument, it is okay’. 

She is a beautiful example how we can live every moment in Sai...being a divine instrument. A la 'flute'....

Become like the flute, a hollow reed, straight, light, with no substance to hinder His breath. Then He will come and pick you up and breathe divine music through you, playing upon you with a delicate touch. In His hand the infinitesimal will be transmuted into the Infinite. Intensify the love that is present within you. It is a sacred gift. Expand your love so that all beings can share in it. Your love must be such that if someone around you is sad, you feel sad and if they are happy, you feel that happiness. Have your love fixed and devoted on the Lord, whether your petty wishes get fulfilled or not. Never let go, under any circumstances, this precious treasure - your Love for God. 
- Divine Discourse, Oct 9, 1964.(Courtesy: Sai Inspires from Prasanthi Nilayam 10 Aug '13)

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