Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bhajji episode

An indian abuse ( gaali) has gone international, thanks to Bhajji. This lingo used to be prominently used in northern part of india. Thanks to this episode, this will become part of cricket's 'own terms' and will go beyond the game. 'Chakh de' has competetion ! People not familiar with this gaali and other related gaalis will be curions. This may go on to become one of prominent terms with more google searches, etc.

Indian cricket establishment stood by him to fight the racial abuse. This punjab da puttar has got off the hook on racial abuse, but needs to be punished for using such foul language on the cricket field. Cricket used to be a gentle man's game. How can he get away with a 'maa ki' gaali ? 'Mathru devo bhava' ( mother is equivalent to God) is one of our core values.

Bhajji and all those who stood by him, have done disservice to Indian cricket and brought disrepute to our country

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