Wednesday, July 02, 2008

India's Nuclear Deal

Communists have termed it as anti-Muslim and warned SP it would affect their vote bank. That is crude politics...

Communists are allegedly clouded by their inherent anti-US stand ( read it as pro-Russian/Pro-Chinese )

Congress failed to build up a favourable public opinion. They should have visualised anti-US stand by some of their key allies and opponents. They should have been ready to handle it, if they also were serious about it.

The so called 'Leaders' among the polilticians have just failed to understand the long term utility and advantage of a nuclear deal and rise above petty politics... as usual

Democracy is one of our strengths. But, we continue to be victim of irresponsible political leadership. Afterall, they are our leaders and we chose them. We get ( political leadership) that we deserve !

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