Friday, July 11, 2008

Left-handed, a better LEADER?

One in 10 people in the general population is left handed - but lot of children in earlier generations would have been forced to switch hands :)
  • both Barack Obama & John Mc Cain are southpaws
  • in 1992, all 3 contenders : Gerofe HW Bush, Bill Clinton & Ross Perot
  • also few earlier : Harry Tryman, Gerald Ford, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton ...!

Pablo Picasso and Benjamn Franklin were lefties too.They also exhibit better communication skills. Are lefties better-equipped to handle the challenges of Leadership ? They seem to be...

Check out : Sam Wang & Sandra Aamodt's book in "Welcome to your brain : why you lose your car keys but never forget how to drive and other puzzles of everyday life"

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