Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trust Vote in Indian Parliament

As I got ready to leave for office, BBC was reporting from Delhi/India on the 'political tamasha' unfolding on the political arena.
It carried most of the negativities of Indian democracy and ended with a puppet show based on 'Singh is King' features PM, Sonia Gandhi, et al. We are proud of Indian democracy, but not the political leadership.

Finally, the Govt has pulled it off. The goal achieved, but the method adopted ?!?! While there were some inspiring speeches in parliament, some of it was not allowed by opposition. Flashing money in the parliament and all the tamasha thereafter, make us dumb with shame. Our freedom fighters will be turning in grave !

Dr Singh has come out of it stronger. I am happy for him. He was instrumental in taking the most important steps towards liberalisation. This would be another big contribution from him. An educated, soft-spoken economist, deserves more respect from the members of parliament in opposition and others. Today, truly 'Singh is King'

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