Friday, September 05, 2008

5 Oct 08

Took off on time, thanks to almost an empty airport, being off season.
Sudha Murthy's book, Gently Falls The Bakula , kept me glued to the same and did not realize as time 'fly by' too. Occassionally, I looked outside. As we took off, it was desert, with different patches of landscape. Lateron, it was just sand all over ! After sometime, it was the grandeur of the sea ! ( The grandeur of desert landscape, sea... is almost Divine !)
As we came closer to India, it was raining outside. Thankfully, it was just overcast when we hit Mumbai... !
Mumbai's slums always made me feel sad. But this time, the city, esp areas which have slums had a blue-tint. Lot of these dwellings have blue plastic sheet on the roof, to protect from rains. That is spirit of Mumbai, they handle the problem in hand and just MOVE ON !
The airport has got more than a facelift. But, the quality of service, lot of scope to improve. As we drove into the city, taxi guy warned me of some traffic jams. I realized, I would hit the highway just in time to catch the office-crowd, returning home after a tough day. To add to it, it was first ( 1.5 day) Ganesh Visarjan. Not much traffic though, but got few glimpses of Ganesha procession, with its music and dance. Indeed, it is auspicious to be around when Mumbai celebrates its favourite festival...

It is great to be back HOME ! :)

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