Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dhoni for test captaincy

Going by the press reports, a case is slowly getting built up for MSD as test captain. Gary Kirsten's interview to NDtv is the latest, though he confirms Anil Kumble is doing 'a great job'.

MSD is a good cricketer and a good leader. But, test captaincy is a much bigger challenge. MSD needs to pick up the nuances of test-captaincy from the seniors in the team, full of ex-test-captains !!! MSD has exhibited this learning aptitute and also the humility, apart from the skills. We will be unfair to MSD by putting on him the responsibility of same, immediately. Couple of years later, as and when Anil retires, would be the right time.

PS. The final ODI loss to Sri Lanka was almost as humiliating as the test series. What we want is the consistency of Australians, not even of Kirsten's home team (after their white-wash by British team)

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