Friday, September 12, 2008

New IPod Nano

Apple has done it again. They have unveiled
Ø the new models, with “shake control technology”
Ø new media player for PC, iTunes8
Ø Nano has Apple’s genius technology which automatically creates play lists from songs in the music library
Ø I Phone feature, ‘accelerometer’ technology extended to Nano. (Adjusts screens to how the devises are held and lets people shuffle music with ‘a shake’!)

Upgraded, slimmer Touch, with built in speaker (Now I am going to regret this. I now own an outdated Touch, though acquired not very long back L. I always it could have been lighter and should have provided a built in speaker, for that size! )

True to the reputation of Apple to keep continuously improving on their IPod. Apart from the new features, the new Nano is made with toxin-free components and is made of recyclable aluminium and glass. Great !

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