Thursday, January 15, 2009

Death of a relative

In one of my earlier postings, I mentioned about the declining condition of a close relative. He merged with the Divine, last evening.

Last few weeks were painful for him and also his family. A former soldier and then a banker. He was a foodie, also a smoker. He had a passion for walking... he would walk long distances, chanting mantras. Perhaps, being a former soldier, he never came across as a religious guy. The image of him was that of a perpetually happy person! As the first to leave among his fellow-siblings, three elder to him and four younger, he 'moves on', leaving behind many grieving relatives.

Personally it was a shock to hear that cancer is the disease. I was more concerned, over the last few months/weeks and then days/hours, when his visits to hospital became frequent and his suffering became unbearable. ( He admitted to my mother, it was getting extremely painful and 'scary' - unthinkable for us, who looked at this uncle as the true hero, strong and joyful). Thus it is also an end to his pain and suffering, also fear. Wonder, what was the 'fear'!

He moves on the Journey to Divine. This happened when India celebrated Pongal/Sankranti...It happened yesterday, when the holiest Makara Jyoti makes the annual appears at the Sabarimala, giving bliss to millions. Indeed he was a precious jyoti within the extended family...

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