Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama

Riding the unprecedented popularity and expectation, Obama takes over the post of the most powerful position on earth. With the WE CAN campaign, he stirred the nation into action.
He has challenged the status quo. He defied the prediction of several experts to reach to this level. A high decibel campaign, innovative vehicles such as e-channels to reach out, getting a cross section of celebrities to endorse, a relevant punch-line ( We Can!)...

Hats off to America....

Often we reach a point to make a choice: Personal preference Vs Common Good. We come across such situations in our personal, professional and social roles. Every choice has an impact, in short/medium/long term. Needless to add, our motto should be common good, which over a period of time should become a habit. We should always place the society/nation/others/
company/institution/group ahead of ourselves.

Americans had the guts to place the nation ahead of personal preference by voting to office a Black American. History would judge this as one of the defining moments of America. Americans, through this choice, showed why they are indeed a great nation.

Obama has generated himalayan expectations. Let us pray for his success so that he is able to live up to the expectations he and his campaign have created. America and World badly needs such a Great Leadership!

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