Saturday, January 03, 2009

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World

Thanks to the magazine, FRIDAY, read a great feature on John Wood.

A chance meeting with Pashupathi, at Nepal... A visit to one of the local schools and the library with virtually ' no books'! It was the beginning of a beautiful journey...
He quit his high flying job with Microsoft and got into philanthrophy, big time! From donating books and helping communities to build schools, his ROOM TO READ has its presence in India, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, South Africa, etc.
  • True to Microsoft style, John brought his corporate mindset into his Room to Read also : THINK BIG. (I always wondered why people start off with small activities when it comes to Seva/philanthrophy and be easily satisfied. John Wood is a definite exception.)
  • He was inspired by biographies of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela....
  • His father was a great inspiration, who instilled the value system of working very hard. And made him read lots of books.... when he was a child that is:)
  • He thinks three things children should get are: Immunisation, Clean Water and Education. (Of course, I would add, bread)
  • Check out : and

Grab an opportunity to make a difference. John Wood did that... truly inspiring!

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