Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday Thoughts, Spiritually

Had shared this thought with someone very close... the thought remains, hence sharing.

Today, it is tough times for a lot of people. Earlier people were running in pursuit of their dreams. Today struggling to stay afloat. The tragedy is this new development has had a cascading effect on a whole lot of others. And the fear of an uncertain future, with its global implications, has made it worse. There are a whole lot of new people pulled into this twister-like situation - parents, spouse, children, in-laws, friends, neighbours, etc... So, we may find people around us behaving strangely as we are not aware of the complications in their lives.

Of course, we have become too 'sophisticated' to share
(Remember: share sorrows= sorrows halved, share happiness= happiness doubled!)

It is time to reach out. It is necessary to be empathetic. The society needs all the positive vibes, badly.
A very simple thought we may feel... But then, everything was quite simple and straightforward. We complicated things!!


Jaya said...

Unfortunately, in the modern world to proclaim who you are is more important than who you actually are. People go by titles, designations, grades, organizations, what you own, what you drive etc and then slot you in the status hierarchy, ultimately judging for themselves if they should interact with you or not, and with what intensity. This naturally puts pressure to achieve if you aspire to be up the status ladder and earn the recognition. In such a scenario, if you lose a job - a factor which probably has the maximum weightage to determine your status - people are less likely to tell anyone. I was chatting with someone today after having met him the last time in 2004. He asked me what I was doing and I asked him the same question. There was no response for 2 minutes. After that he wrote to me that he is planning to start a new company/firm of his own. I salute him for what he told me. He had the courage to tell the truth despite the predicament. It is this courage that eludes a lot of us, leading to lies, misreporting, keeping quiet, manipulating and resorting to devious ways. A simple point - everything is God's. He decides when to give, what to give, how much to give, how long else to give etc. When we respect His ways and decisions without our ego playing a part in the whole transaction, we will have the courage to tell the truth, always. We will also be in a position to explain how we think and what we think. It may not be acceptable to a lot of people, when you explain. But you don't live in this world for others. We are here to uphold the truth and be worthy children of God.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Very thought provoking post... You have clearly brought out the situation in the world as it exists... The solution is in removing focus from unimportant and temporary things and contemplate on God.. Only He can deliver us from our various ailments..

SUBS said...

Thanks for the inspiring comment, Jaya. Indeed... first step is being Aware (Self Awareness) and overcoming the fear ( Self Confidence) and evolving to Self Satisfaction and thus attaining Self Realization. The Self is not I or me, but the higher & real SELF.