Saturday, January 09, 2010

India, these days...

  • Indian cricket team struggles against Bangladesh, and a captain's knock by MSD ensures a win. Why are we not able to play consistently well and thrash such teams as Bangladesh?!!
  • Clinical wins... Australian cricket team does it quite well. But, 'Australia' reminds their recent attack on Indians living there.  
  • Hockey team has to protest...stage a walk out... ! What a shame ! They play for our country . . .
  • A cop is denied emergency treatment by two senior TN ministers ! We are so insensitive... and our political leaders are embodiments of such insensitivity. 
  • Shashi Taroor has got himself in trouble yet again. Now he is becoming more predictable to get himself into trouble regularly :)
  • Sanjay Dutt has quit too. Stick close to.... ( He should check In Search of Excellence, for inspiration!)
  • Perhaps Taroor and Dutt are not cut out for politics ! But Taroor is popular among the youth ( TED was brilliant). He has the guts to voice his opinion, even on Gandhiji & Nehru !!! We need such politicians also. He should go and tackle australian problem... may be he may adopt Gandhigiri !

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