Monday, January 11, 2010

Safari @ Kenya .... contd

Our guide in Kenya spoke eloquently about the impact of global warming on Kenya.

Countries like USA, China and India can not shy away from their responsibility. USA should lead from the front as the sole superpower. China aspires to be next super power, they need to think and act like a leader. India is a spiritual country. We need to take the plunge, instead of waiting for US or China, to take the lead. The political leadership has to take the important step to save the earth...

Glad to read about Wang Shi, businessman from China, who went in search of snow at Kilimanjaro and found no snow. (He was inspired by Earnest Eeminway's ' The Snows of Kilimanjaro'. We need more such influential people to take the lead. They can inspire people around them. Celeberities need to take a stand too. Priyanka Chopra, India's popular film actress, is actively supporting Green Initiatives in India. We need more such popular & successful people to take a stand and make a difference

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