Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy New Year...

The celebrations are over... time to get back to 'business' !
One more year behind us. Time to look back and introspect. Pick up the lessons and move ahead.
Live in the Present, Here & Now...

It has become fashionable for people either to-make-resolutions-to-break or, no resolution at all. To resolve or not to... is a personal choice :) But what is life if we don't move , that too in the right direction, preferably with a gear shift!

Some personal thoughts, resolutions that will guide me throughout 2010:
  • Be fit and healthy- self, family (and others )
  • Go green... go organic, go local
  • Smile... Reach out
  • Grab an opportunity to make a difference 
  • Be frugal - spend less/right, save more 
  • Manage time still better
  • Still lesser TV, more books ( switch to Kindle ?), learn a new form of art
  • Work harder, more passionate, but try for joy @work - work-life balance, family focus
  • Proactive leadership
Wish you and folks a great year ahead. May 2010 be the best year for you....Let me have your thoughts too, thanks. 


naija said...

Nice resolutions... i liked the last one: BE SPIRITUAL ( in capitals)....
come to think of it... if you follow that ONE resolution- everything else flows from that...

SUBS said...

I fully agree...
Just back from a week-long, short vacation to India's one of Spiritual Capitals. Hence, on a spiritual-high!