Friday, June 18, 2010

Loving Tribute to my dad

I am usually critical to all these fundas of 'days', which is more western influence...Valentine day, father/mother day, etc.
But, in this fast-paced life, it is good to remember, with love and gratitude, our parents, teachers, at times... Of course, need to be Ssspiritually conscious of God, always!

I plan to write a book on my relationship with my dad. As a child, he was terror. As I grew up, he was more approachable. Once I hit teens, he became a friend. The respectful distance always remained between us, but we were close in a way we would not exhibit. Me as a youngster, and himself as a career-faugi!

I have learnt so many things from him...and try to emulate him.

  • family- first. He made it a point to be in contact with all relatives/siblings, friends,etc, but his family came first. 
  • compassion - for people around him, not just family, but beyond
  • discipline, time management, etc -being career-fauji, it came naturally to him. 
  • passion for fitness 
  • he inspired me to stay away from alcohol, as he was a tea-totaller, in spite of being in army & CSD...Seeing his addiction to smoking, I resolved to stay away from cigarettes. 
  • his style of parenting was not by preaching, but by practise and setting example ( something I 'try' with my son!)
  • reading habit -my passion for letters and blogging, is something rubbed off from him.

 He is no more...we miss him. But he lives in our lives....


Bikramjit said...

dont know what to say other then happy fathers day .. i can totally understand what you mean ..

I had similar feeling for my dad when i was growing up never too close to him, but as i grew up i knew why he said no to things or why he denied me a few thigns ...

I am what i am because of my dad

tmgsays said...

I have met him only briefly but I was impressed by his simplicity. looks like u also got some of your sense of humour from him. Truly he lives in you.

Angel :) said...

Aw, man. I miss my father, too, the same way you do. I wish he was here, with me... reading all these posts written.