Thursday, June 24, 2010

ADs, irresponsibly

Messi is all South Africa, though he is yet to perform to his best, yet...just like some other greats, incl Rooney. But Missi's KFC ad is quite all over  ( Check out at : Messi World Cup Ad)
While I am a great fan of Messi and his coach, Maradona, did not quite like him featuring in KFC ad. Nothing personally against KFC. But, being a converted veggie, not in favour either :)

Another ad featured seemingly no great player - but still McDonald was riding on the popularity of the game. To feature a kid, their target audience, was good marketing decision. But not healthy.

The pepsi ad featuring, Messi, Kaka, et al, is beautiful (Pepsi Ad| Oh Africa - Akon ). But afterall a Pepsi-ad. 

My thought: the sporting greats should be more selective in accepting endorsements ? Something more healthy, more wholesome and Local-Organic...Pls GO GREEN!

An entire generation, across the world, is growing up on Pepsi/Mc/KFC et al. Add to that, less physically active.  Not a bright prospect :(

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