Friday, June 25, 2010

Blog to Publish

Dear all fellow-bloggers, would-be-authors!

I am sure many of us, at some point of time, dreamt of writing a book...becoming an author...Many of us are able to fulfil the dream, thanks to this option, Blogging !

Some of us are yet to get on to the bandwagon (blogging), content with tweets/FB, etc., while some are yet to transfer the thoughts on to the paper, before publishing.

For all bloggers, you have an option to publish your blogs. Check out....

Many of us, who may not be qualified to get an agent/publisher to fulfill our literary dreams ( publish) or just don't want to get in to that process, another option is SELF PUBLISHING.
Came across an interesting article...authors shake up traditional publishing with do-it-yourself ( WSJ)

I am a fan of  and the idea itself. Now such players are enabling budding authors to enter the publishing world, fearlessly. We mey be 'at the leading edge of a technological disruption...' WoW !!


B V S said...

The DIY (do it yourself) is not working I guess.

Vishwanath Seshadri said...

this is very useful, Subash.. thanks