Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cheeni Kum....Old Age

Cheeni Kum DVDWatched the second half of 'Chini Kam' ! Yet again, like Bhagban, was spared of the first half.... But nice film, good performance by all lead actors. 
While I am 'old fashioned' in terms of value system ( traditional may be more appropriate!), Amitabh's verbal-attack on a fasting Paresh, was interesting...
He gives interesting facets of 'being old' ! Amitji is the best person to talk about it... At his age, he must be the role model for all, in his generation.
He says,Jealousy is a key factor... But then, it is so at all age-groups, child-hood to old age :)

Got an interesting PPT mail-forward , AGING MOMENTS :

  • it is time for harvest . . . earlier it used to be believed, Law of Karma would catch up in subsequent births...But it is joked now, karma would catch up in this life itself! 
  • so long as we continue to be 'AMAZED', we do not grow old
  • we are never too old to LEARN.... 

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