Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eco Friendly Festival

One aspect of Ganesh Chaturthi stuck me...the mandals were playing filmi songs and organising programes, mostly filmi ! Not quite religious or spiritual, I felt.

Ganesh visarjan is a period when Mumbai's coastal line is most polluted. Another thing I fail to understand...Spirituality, if without in tune with  Nature, is just not spiritual !

Many people and organisations have taken the initiative to spread drive home, among the literate masses of the magapolis. But majority are just 'too busy' to care ! ... at their ( our) own peril...

DNA's effort was great. Happened to catch a glimpse at Oberoi mall ( Goregaon)...As I & my son stepped out after a brief shopping, I took a snap and wrote a request to 'go green....'. I pray, we have the discrimination to protect our environment.

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