Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ganesh Chaturti @ Mumbai

It was great to catch one big festival, during vacation...Missed Janmashtami, but Ganesh Chaturthi, in its full glory @ Mumbai. Mumbai & Pune are the two cities where we can see this festival celeberated in full splendor and grandeur. Of course, some credit goes to freedom leader, Tilak.

Mumbaikar knows how to celebrate...all the drums, dance and high-decibel levels. Torrential rains did not affect them at all.

Year after year, monsoon comes with varying intensity. This year was one of the best monsoons...With same regularity, our roads 'disappear among the potholes, with rain-water' ! This year, the patch work (repair!!!) was not done, before Ganesh festival. People were threatening to go to court, complaining the poor road conditions and how it will affect the logistics of Ganesha statues!!

Mumbaikar, who makes substantial contri to the national kitty, continue to be at the mercy of an admin, not bothered about the basic commuting comfort...

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