Tuesday, March 01, 2011

25 Small ways to a big life

Came across this article… sharing with my ‘followers’.


The headline did usurp my attention – 25 small ways to a big life change. Small ways, big change and 25 of them ! ( perfectly fits my bargaining position generally, more for less ! Same with many others, who are a lot smarter than me !)

That the gyaan was courtesy Rujuta Diwekar, was a bonus. Her approach ( ‘eat more to lose weight’ ) is more interesting than her popularity, courtesy her celebrity customer ( Kareena).
Importance of appropriate quantity of water, need for daily ‘exercise like eating & bathing’, all alcohols are harmful,  were interesting & very useful.  Brown is not cool is a revelation. Importance of seasonal, local, fresh fruits very apt ( kiwi vs mango ) and also, in line with the need to go green/local ( and may be organic !).
Over the week-end, at a friends’ place, we discussed how western families usually stick to same schedule over week-ends. Long back I had discovered the beauty of early morning tranquility of week-ends too. Don’t vegetate on Sundays is just appropriate.

While many of us are not sure what oil is least harmful, coconut oil remains an important one, apart from the other ‘healthy’ option, like sunflower oils. But what I have heard from an ayurvedic perspective, ‘Ghee, the magic potion’ confirms. Fortunately, the weighing scales was part of my shopping list, for a long time. Now out of it, permanently!

If we still have excuses for a solid hobby, we are just being unfair to ourselves. We have to find the little things we find joyous, for ourselves…. Music, reading, blogging, gardening… The author recommends coriander in pots, at home ! Why not ?

I am still enjoying the my  freedom from ‘idiot box calories’, having decided to almost abstain from it over 3 weeks ago. More so, when the family willingly aligned with the shift and the household has less TV time… very healthy, surely. Dog loves the extra attention too… This happening at the peak of World Cup fever,  I must add ! Worth it, surely.  Try it, folks…

Indeed Yoga is beyong mere weight loss technique… Lastly, God-willing my next holidays will be to test the 24th item, WISDOM OF HIMALAYAS.. And on the way, I will surely pick up the books by Rujuta Diwekar.

Just Live Sspiritually!


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

Thanks for sharing this !!

Hope you have had a chance to also read the 101 ways to make others happy mail that I sent a few days ago..


SUBS said...

oh yes... each one worth implementing in our lives.