Thursday, March 10, 2011

Random thoughts from Middle East – courtesy experiences shared by friends around…

Valentine… ! Deliberately posting this after the hype of the Valentine-Day! ( also Intl Women's Day)

 Husband was on-line… saw the Kipp’s poll. ‘How much would you spend on the Valentine gift?’
·         Though he wanted to click ‘NIL’, he had to go for the lowest option available, ‘AED 500’….
He just finished the poll, wife walked in.  He wanted to confirm – asked her, ‘what gift you want for Velntine?’  Pat came her reply, ‘Just be my valentine…always’!

That perhaps is the essence of an occasion such as Valentine… quite an import from the West… That integrity & sincerity in relationship is the real essence.  Couple start off knowing each other to coming together/parting ways…. All in the name of finding real love ! (People end up wasting lot of precious time in this process too !)
Spread Love, Pure & Sspiritual ( extra-S, deliberate !)

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