Thursday, March 10, 2011

Confessions of a 'humble' customer

·         Chinese Restaurant turn authentic
Few of us colleagues decided to eat out, a quick business lunch. Being the only veggie, I was given the choice of restaurant and opted for one of my local fav., a Chinese rest.
As we walked in, the supervisor gave a ‘hearty welcome’
But I was shocked to find a fly floating in my veg ‘clear’ soup !
I had no choice but to return politely and quietly ( did not want to spoil the appetite of the group). He gave a replacement, assured it was fresh. I sat through more to give company to the group, than to enjoy my Chinese lunch!
May be he was trying to serve ‘authentic’ Chinese food, with insects  ? Do I blame it on my karma ? May be… But, I would never walk in to the restaurant again…
·         Sea View Vs City View
Travelled recently, on work. It is always beautiful to travel to the cities along the sea… To stand at the cornice and look at the sea, in its grandeur… to breathe… to be pushed gently by the sea breeze… so refreshing.

I opted for my fav hotel and got the agent to book a room with a sea-view  ( need to overcome these desires and addictions !!)

As I checked in at after midnight, I was allotted a city view… The hotel has conveniently missed out my specific request for sea view and as the availability ( they claimed) was a problem, the front desk almost took a stand, ‘take it or leave it’ ! ( quite professionally though… they are trained!)

I took it. I gently reminded the lapse next day, and was assured they would try to accommodate. But ‘were not successful in finding a room of my choice’ ! ( too demanding?)
Yet another case of a big brand ( one of my preferred, for a long time) not handled well by the front end….
·         The Complete Man
Before the reader concludes I am at my worst karma-level, let me confirm, ‘not at all’…      
For example the Indian store, where I do my week-end shopping for provisions, fruits & veggies ( not organic yet !), and of course ‘scrapped’ coconut for a week ! I go back to them, week after week, as they seem to know my (humble) expectations of customer service  (ego?) and also keep my copy of Gulf News with Friday mag (one of the best things about life in ME! Try it!)
Thanks to a ‘sale’ ( smartly put, ‘up to 50 %’) at Raymonds, did a small re-charge of our ( also son) wardrobe. Raymonds continue to inspire me for the quality of stuff, value for money ( perception) and also the customer service. This showroom in ME or the showroom at amchi Mumbai.. or any other. I continue to be devoted to the brand.  Thrifty that I am, I may be at the lowest rung of their loyalty program, but the brand is cool ! (Perhap a reflection of my long  journey to Be a ‘Complete Man’!)

Also, my experiences ( limited, though) with Amazon have been almost blissful,  from a customer-service perspective....

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