Thursday, September 15, 2011

Flaming Marigolds

As I joined hundreds of Indians travelling back to gulf, after the Ramadan/Summer/Eid holidays, I did not travel by Jet Airways. That was because there was no direct flight. I avoided Air India also. As I arrived ‘on-time’ and was going from airport to home, my friend said ‘couple of Air India flights were running late, that day’. He said as though there was nothing new about it – it would have been ‘news’ if the flights were ‘on-time’.

Of course, that is the only reason why I have not travelled by Air India at all! Quite unpatriotic? I feel very guilty about it, frankly. But I am shocked to note AI is now considered as “never-on-time”. I know couple of friends manage their travel plans taking in to account the usual delays! Airlines operate with highest checks & balances, up to six-sigma levels. But why can’t AI get the schedule on time? If the team at AI resolve to work passionately to take off on time, their clientele would double or triple. What they are losing are the customers who travel more often, hence the importance of punctuality.

My boarding card was on an AI stationery! On the reverse of the card was a very colourful picture of ‘Flaming marigolds… ‘normally used in all auspicious  ceremonies in India’. So beautiful! As it protrudes out of the spiritual-travelogue I am currently reading, I wonder, ‘if only AI was more punctual’! That would have been truly royal-Maharaja style… and very SSpiritual !

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