Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Food - still a weakness

Some random thoughts -  these personal stories got more readership among friends in the past!

'Forced bachelorhood', again... with additional responsibility of a (wonderful, loving) dog. Has help to take care of hamster & fish-tanks, thankfully.

But a deep desire to move more inwards, SSpiritually. Reading a wonderful SSpiritual travelogue... struggling to find sufficient time for meditation, reading and surely exercise.

I am managing time better... at least getting up on time, very early. Perhaps, can do better, surely... being part of Live SSpiritually! Afterall it is a journey...

Got into the kitchen. Tried all the usual stuff, including dosa, dal , noodles, veg curries, et al ! Surprisingly, nothing seemed to be working out, as earlier. Have I lost my edge in cooking ? I do have a reputation for my culinary skills.

I felt bad for the quality of output... I just shared a quote from a friend, “I have offended God and mankind because my work didn’t reach the quality it should have.”…. Leonardo Da Vinci

Same friend forwarded a collection of Palakkad-Tam-Brahm recipes too :) Being a converted veggie, my taste is a lot closer to that !

If poor quality of output was not sufficient, the sheer inability to come out with consistent quality, was getting into nerves, to say the least.

Eating out was never an option, neither healthy nor spiritual !

I have found a temperory solution - outsourced ! Something we are famous ( infamous !?) for !!

Baba says 'food is mere medicine for hunger'. But how obsessed we are with food !
Majority of world population can not afford two, basic meals/day! :(

This extra-importance to food is one of the basic weaknesses to be overcome, to move ahead... to move inward.... to live SSpiritually ( to live by the ideals of Sai)

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