Thursday, September 08, 2011

Why do we pray ?

Saw this in Business World, 1 Aug 11 ( pg 49) :
'we pray for ourselves at best for our family. But not for the society or the country. Collective good is not a thought that occurs to us. In a priority of things, 'I' comes before collective good'

this is a discussion some of us had before, several times - why do we pray ?

  • for ourselves ?
  • for our families?
  • for someone who is sick or needs help to succeed in any endeavour? Or just needs 'help' !
  • Or Just Pray, as God knows what we want ? Rather leave it to Him to decide, what we want...?
I am for the 3rd option. That way we are closer to 'total surrender'.  
If at all we want to 'ask', pray 'SAMASTHA LOKA: SUKHINO BHAVANTHU'


B V S said...

Thought fourth option is close to surrender?? Do you find third better than fourth? Need some explanation of the thought.

SUBS said...

My thought - when we pray 'samastha loka...' it covers everyone, incl 3rd (someone who needs Grace, urgently).
Also, when we pray for someone specific, there is some element of selfishness/attachment, I feel.

Personally, in tough situations I just pray... namasmaran/chant mantra

SUBS said...

Church invites jobless to place resumes @ Altar - CNN


Vishwanath Seshadri said...

I guess you prefer the 4th option !!

I too have hardly ever sought anything for self. In fact, right from childhood, without any prompting from others I had the inner sense that told me not to ask for anything.

That does not mean I did not / do not have desires..

Again, prayer is a much misunderstood terminology. It is an occasion to connect with God and to marvel at His glories.. It is not for seeking anything..


SUBS said...

We have to pray with our thoughts on God; and not on our difficulties"
- Oswald Chambers -