Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steve Jobs, Spiritually

Apple's website has replaced the image of Steve on the home-page with their new launch, IPhone 4S ...( Indeed, we need to move on...)

"Apple's iPhone 4S topped 4 million units sold worldwide over its launch weekend, a staggering figure that is the highest of any iPhone." - A report

That is a fitting tribute to the genius, Steve ! The whole world was expecting IPhone 5. Was it their mistake, to expect next generation of smart-phone from Apple ? Or, was it once again a PR disaster, by Apple ?  But thankfully, the fans of Steve 'Apple' Jobs ( they are thankful fans, not mere customers!) have lapped it up... A friend was sharing the Wall Street may  see this as 'under-performance', going by the previous records of Apple launches & the scrip may see a dip in prices... In a lighter vein, I am tempted to add, 'no wonder there are anti-wall street protests' :) Pun intended !

But I wonder, what will Steve be seeing this as...?! At a 'higher level', he will not be concerned about the success of the newest gadget from his company, not even the PR chaos.

Perhaps he may be concerned with the environmental damage the gadgets ( past, present & future) from Apple may cause. 
He may be concerned about the impact of radiation, though so-called studies are yet to confirm. ( Cigarettes, in spite of being 'injurious to health', continued to be in great demand!)
Also, about the financial impact of 'unnecessary' upgrade. 

Let us be aware ! Let us be responsible to our society, our family & friends and of course, ourselves!

RIP, Steve... 

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