Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fast Food - A ticking time bomb in India

In India, we have one of the most beautiful of culinary variations - state to state, region to region. Slowly, but surely, the other internationally popular food stuff has won over the Indian plate, at least part of it. Junk food is perhaps one price we pay for economic globalisation and the consequent rise in disposable income. 

We love all the international influence on our diet ( pizzas or potato-chips).. we have ‘localised’ some of them ( Chinese or ‘indianised’ menu at some fast food counters).
While the west is grappling with the impact of obesity and related ailments, we are quickly catching up. That too when half of our children are categorized as ‘malnourished’.

But then, we have a choice !

Across all faiths, we offer food to God before we eat.
In today’s fast-paced world, even our prayers have become a mere passive,  murmuring of the words. Even God may find it difficult to pick up the words! 
ON top of it, we eat with distractions like TV !

Someone recently told me prayer should be chanted in such a way as though we are feeding God. So beautiful… that is an offering in letter & spirit.

Then, what is on our plate? Is it worthy to be an offering to God ? More so, if we are going to ‘offer to God’, would we offer junk food ?
What is not worth to offer God is not worth eating ourselves. For Divinity resides in all.

Divinity resides also in all those who can not afford two decent meals every day. Let us spare a thought for them…In an inter-connected world, we are truly spiritually-connected.

Let us eat & live SSpiritually… by highest ideals !

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