Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs, Spiritually

So this morning, when I switched on the comp (Macbook), I was shocked to see the home-page, just Steve’s photo ! ( ).  He looked so intense and the Gandhi-glass fitted so well on him. Indeed, death is something none can escape.

A small act of kindness/random act of seva/service could not be done by me yesterday. Was busy @ work. I jokingly shared with a friend, 'business plan 2012 done.... wonder who will implement' ! Still keep planning, conspiring, postponing..... not Living SSpiritually

'Who will cry when you die'.... so many, across the globe feel sad about the loss. What an impact he had on the world... Surely Eddison of our times. One who made a huge impact on world, across generations to come... Gandhiji, Martin Luther King, Einstein, et al ( film by Apple)

‘Pepsi to Apple’ was a must-read when we were management students. Have followed Steve since then.

Harper stressed how Steve looked at the end-user experience. He looked at the product from a customer-perspective. He threw away an earlier version of I Pod as it was not ‘sexy enough’. It was his vision, we have some great products from Apple.

‘The World has lost a visionary’, said Prez Obama. Yes, surely an exemplary visionary. But, much more than that. He was a true ‘American’, what America stood for.  Sad to see people on New York streets, ‘inspired’ by Arab Spring! Wonder, why so many youngsters are conveniently after “wall street zombies”, instead of getting innovative?

At Work - Steve would have 'no mediocrity'. He was an inspiring leader. He himself had mentioned about the impact his style of work & the culture had on the personal lives of his team. Someone even called him 'a terrorist at work' !

He died so young. A friend mentioned on Linkedin – ‘all good people die young’. I wish to add, ‘all great people die on an auspicious day’. Indians, the world over, were celebrating Dassera today.  

I had 'forced' my son to to watch ‘Game Changer’ on Bloomberg.  I have tracked every bit of news item, on any of the media-channels. Always admired his vision, passion and class.

Recently, when I met & interacted with a group of youth, we discussed Spirituality & about my humble efforts to ‘Live SSpiritually’. When we discussed briefly about ‘Ceiling on Desires’, I mentioned about one of my very few weaknesses – for apple products! I was not surprised to see the reaction, a smiling nod/yes, and endorsement from almost all! I thought that was quite a universal phenomenon, a weakness for Apple Products. 

Will miss Steve... He will continue to inspire 

PS : I was not aware of this part of his story . Spiritual part of it . . thanks to CNN... Glad to share

The Spiritual Side of Steve jobs @


Mortgage Friend said...

Yes we have really lost a great entrepreneur. He was really a game changer in the industry. I will miss his product presentations.

SUBS said...

Got this from a friend... one more well written article on Steve. A fitting tribute to the genius

SUBS said...

Someone asked me, why so much obsession with Steve. When I heard the news of his sudden death, I felt an intense sense of sorrow...Oh God, 2011... what a year it has been!

He had such a tough life, quite painful, I feel...

He tried out spirituality, but came back to focus on tech-innovation. It seems he felt Edison was more 'useful' role-model, compared to his spiritual leader. Something I beg to disagree. Though Apple products were almost 'spiritually' perfect, he had his terrible ups & down.

The most painful was the ailment. I lost my beloved grandma to cancer of pancreas :(

R I P Steve !