Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day SSpiritually

It was a unique Father's Day!

Divine Grace... I could reach PSN  Father's day, to celeberate with Baba, my eternal father ! Sai Baba literally means 'eternal mother & father'. 

Was toying with the idea going to Parthi for a day, from Blore. But, as it happens so often, circumstances 'conspired' to enable me to reach Parthi on Sunday morning !!! 

Just to address some usual queries from my friends, who track my blog... 

  • The weather at Parthi was simply beautiful!! In recent years, weather at Parthi has changed for better, surely. It is a lot greener than it used to be in 1920's & 30's, I am sure.
  • Crowd, not much, but not less. Just enough to raise the overall ambience to higher spiritual levels. 
  • 'Ganga jathadhara' was the song played last evening, sung by Bhagwan. Other bhajans were very elevating, as always too.
  • Gopuram gate has been thrown open for public. Will be very convenient for many who stay in that part of the township.
  • Fruits at Parthi are so affordable ! unlike in cities. Also, very delicious too :)
PS : Of course, the proverbial cherry was to catch up mom,  & surprise my son on Fathers day !

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