Sunday, September 16, 2012

PTP For a plastic-free, trash-free, pollution-free Puttaparthi

16 Sept 2012:
Photos: Way to Chaitanya Jyothi & Sai Geeta's final resting place
Puttaparthi area was very green & beautiful.... 

One of the reasons why the area is becoming greener is surely the efforts of the people to plant more trees, across the region. Sai bless all those who have been part of large-scale tree plantation.

But, I was shocked to observe a huge tree, off Chithravathi road, has disappeared. A new apartment had come near it, that may be the reason! Felt sad. We have no right to cut down tres... (opp to Sai Siva Ganga appt!)

Let us plant more trees & avoid cutting tree…

As I settled down to the PSN routine, I was shocked to see a new addition to the ‘skyline’. In the densely populated area, between Mandir & Chithravathi river, several telecom towers have sprung up, on the buildings. One of them very close to the revered Kalpavriksha, almost dwarfing the holy tree! These telecom towers are just injurious to health. How come, the telecom companies put up these in the middle of the densely populated areas ? How come residents allowed?? May be out of sheer ignorance about the health-hazards. Bollywoods Juhi Chawla fought & won a case in the court. Sadly, the film-crazy public would miss out on such important news…

Telecom towers are health hazards, for God’s sake!!

Morning walks are truly therapeutic. More so at PTP.  

On the way back picked up The Hindu & Business Line. Also, some green, fresh leaves (coriander, methi, pudina, etc) And, they cost so less. Same stuff in amchi Mumbai, or any other city, would have been at least five times more expensive and surely not as fresh, clean, green & safe.

Now after spending three days, I felt PTP was catching up with Blore on garbage-front, inefficient garbage disposal. ( Taxi driver's comment, 'PTP is the new Blore' ...!) Muncipal staff do clean up every morning. But people throw away garbage just out of their shops & homes. The shop-keepers (residents and ) need to be more responsible about their garbage-disposal.  I have seen an elderly lady-shopkeeper dumping thrash on the street, right in front of her shop. People spit on the road. Sadly, even Vidyagiri is not being spared by people, especially with few ‘thelas’ ( hand-carts) selling snacks there.

Residents, shopkeepers & visitors need to be more responsible to keep PTP clean. Then request administration to help too.

I made my first trip to PSN in May, 1988. Swami was away at Blore. What stuck me was the ambience – clean and noise-free. The silence has been addictive since then. Over the years I have yearned for that silence outside. Only a noise-cancelling ear-phone can give that outside J

It is only in depth of silence God’s voice can be heard. Bhagwan said, ‘it is only in silence God also can hear’. This ‘silence’ is such an integral part of spiritual sadhana.

There is so much noise outside… out side PSN, in PTP and all over India. It is not healthy, both at physical & spiritual levels. We need to ‘reduce’ volume at all levels. We should ban honking in PTP.

We need to take Prashanthi beyond PSN… to Puttaparthi, our localities & beyond

We owe it to Swami & His devotees who throng to PTP... and in our world beyond, as a mark of Living SSpiritually, by the ideals of SAI

PTP : Plastic free, Trash-free, Pollution-free 

  • Plastic-free: let each one of us just stop using plastic & encourage our friends, family & also shop-keepers
  • Trash-free: no more throwing garbage on to the streets. Let us segregate & dispose, with full responsibility. Garbage is what we give back to Earth!!
  • Pollution-free: Freedom from all types of pollution, incl sound, air, water, etc. Strictly no horn please. Let us take responsibility & implement ourselves. Then spread message.
We owe to Puttaparthi and beyond. We owe it to Swami. Let us make Swami proud thru a plastic-free, trash free, pollution-free PTP.

Sai Bless.

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