Thursday, September 20, 2012

TO BE or NOT TO BE Organic

This is no longer a question, especially after Satyameva Jayate. That episode has managed to reach out to so many viewers about the health-risk of our food items, with the extensive use of pesticides. I hope the new FDI norms will improve storage facilities so that we get fruits & veggies, fresher !

As such, at least in Indian context, it is no-brainer. Just Go Organic.

Then comes the second resistance: ' it is too expensive'. Yes, if you compare based on identical weight. But then, same weight is no comparison. For organic food need not be taken in quantity as much as 'non-organic'. You will get all nutrients from a lesser quantity of organic food, without the pesticide-risk. 

Just cut down quantity. Then it would make sense, economically. I would suggest just avoid non-organic totally, rather than the risk of pesticide-exposed fruits/veggies. 

This is a choice we have to make, urgently. Also, to keep expenses at home within budgets. 

Healthy & economically-smart too...

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