Thursday, September 20, 2012

Let us Save Water Power Time Energy et al

On an earlier I posted following:

We have seen how Swami ensures no water/electricity/energy wasted at all. He would switch on the fan in the interview room after all have assembled. He would always switch off the fan before He steps out . He would not waste anything,though everything is in Him. 

We have no business or right to waste water, electricity, energy, time, or anything. But during a day, we tend to waste everything. And we aspire to 'Live SSpiritually' :)

IT is easier to avoid wastage of water, electricity, etc which are external and easier to manage. But thoughts, energy, time, etc is lot more difficult. But that is no excuse.

Need to keep trying...if we aspire to live by His ideals. Afterall, 'Your Life is My Message'is the level we aspire. 

Worth trying... Sai Bless.

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