Monday, January 21, 2013

Mangalasutra Leela at PSN

You would have seen the report SSSIHMS, Whitefield turns 12.
This wonderful institution is a beautiful testimony for Swami's "Loving Service".

I heard another small 'miracle', last evening...

One of the volunteers, on seva at Swami's hospital, had lost her Mangalsutra. The search for over two days did not help her to recover same.
But, when she opened the prasad packet (laddu?) at the function ( SSSIHMS, Whitefield turns 12), she was shocked to find her missing mangalsutra in the packet. 

This came from a reliable source. As such, I have not bothered to check out the details, before posting it here. For Swami has blessed us with so many of such miracles.

More than the awe of listening to the story, I felt very happy the way Swami surprised the lady :)


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