Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bal Vikas Convention

Two-day convention of Balvikas 'Alumni' and Group 3 students was kicked off at Kulwant Hall this morning.

  • Four Balvikas alumni and AIP, Mr Srinivasan spoke on Saturday ( morning session). All dwelt upon the theme, ' Balvikas - Pathways to Excellence'. 
  • Also on Sunday morning, we had few 'alumni' come and share their experiences. Speakers included a senior IAS officer, member of Nobel winning lab, corporate executives, et al.
Every talk was a proof of the immense impact Balvikas program had on them.

Balvikas is truly 'God's gift to humanity'. And we have a role to play, to get as many children the fortune of going through it. The model has evolved into a well-oiled process now and as such easy to implement the template. With couple of hours, every week, that is the minimum we can do for the future of children. Happy childhood and a matured outlook in the later years can be hugely beneficial.

It was a pleasant surprise to see some of the senior, dedicated members of Swami's students, working in Parthi, were Balvikas alumni. 

Great to know they are working on a Plan-2015

Let every child be on Balvikas... Sai Bless

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