Friday, January 11, 2013

Sankranthi at PSN

Greetings from PSN ! Reached here last evening, after sunset.

To drive on the road, connecting NH to PSN, was a good experience, on two previous trips, when I drove during the day. But at dusk last evening, it was a different experience. Not as great !
The trucks & buses, and few cars & bikes, would drive past without using the dipper, though most trucks have 'Use Dipper' written on them. I wonder if that was lack of awareness and training, or sheer attitude and lack of empathy. If it was former, the process of issuing driving licences may need to be re-visited. If it was latter, that was a bigger issue, which can be improved at home, school and work, through universal participation. 

Upon reaching Vidyagiri, cops diverted traffic, via Satyam Hotel, on to the 'ring' (yet to "ring", or fully operational) road. Here again, half of the stretch has good concrete road, thanks to a developer, who has come up with one of the best apartments in Parthi ( Sai Leela). But, the second half was just not drive-worthy!! How can traffic be diverted to that stretch without ensuring the road was good enough, traffic included families on two-wheelers. PUDA is doing great and Police always did great job around Parthi. I am sure, it may be matter of few days, or weeks!

The diversion was due to the huge number of devotees thronging PSN, on the auspicious occasion of Sankranthi. Plus, there are many parents, whose children are students at schools in Parthi & Brindavan, and parents here to celebrate Sankranthi with Bhagwan and to participate in the Annual Sports Meet celebrations in Parthi. Also, there is an alumni meet of Balvikas... Wow ! Great week-end ahead...

Nothing like entering the arch of taluka and then reaching Vidyagiri. It was veritable the feeling of being back home... 

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