Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Dravid 'Dropped'

Did Dravid dig his one-day grave when he opted out of captaincy ? Was it sheer politics of Indian cricket ? Or is it beyond petty politics ? The world loves only winners. If not, at least fighters. Dravid is a great fighter, 'The Wall' a proof by itself. The world is still clueless why he quit. It would have been for valid reasons for sure. But, whatever the provocation of the selectors to drop him, I feel it has been unfair. Yet again, we fail in handling successful sportsmen of our country

MS Dhoni wants some trucks: While talking to NDTV, the leader Dhoni has asked for 14 volunteers who are prepared to stand in front of a truck... Bhaaji can help, as he belongs to a transporter family. Cool dude, Yuvi, can manage from his hometown. Else, there are many of us, who currently or earlier belonged to truck-transport fraternity in India, who could organise too... :) Wonder how would some of the senior players react to same ! Neverthless, Dhoni brings a fresh approach to cricket-leadership, similar to Dada... Best wishes to this new leader for success

Rahul Dravid dropped from ODI team : The former captain, one of most consistent cricketers of this generation, has been dropped. He has been replaced by a younger, dashing batsman. Is it beginning of the end of his one day career or will he bounce back like Dada ? Hats off to Sachin Tendulkar the way he has performed consistently.

I feel Sreesanth got more into drama and less into cricket !

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anjana said...

After Dhoni has taken over, there is a fresh & cool attitude exuded by the players. Its not about the season of ODI's getting over, its time to bring-in new blood to the stream who can deliver and,... consistently. Best wishes to the new captain.

Well said about Sreesanth. He should be a little more cordial and be less dramatic on the field. His recent outbursts on the fields has shown how immature can a national player be! Then there is our good, old Sachin who is true sportsmanship-personified. Cheers to our seniors, Sachin, Sourav, Dravid. . . . . . .