Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spirituality in Daily Life

Thursday sessions are definitely elevating...

With the buzz around moon-Darshan, I was looking forward to today's session. While the talented singers raised their rendition to the next level, the budding singers also seemed to be at their best. Was it due to their preparations, or the higher level of spiritual-being of the gathering, or just His Grace ... ?

I kept looking for a clue of Sai's presence... after all, He has assured His presence, where His Glory is sung... Years ago He had playfully pulled me up for my 'doubts' ! Today, it is not the doubt, but a yearning to see & feel His presence... I kept looking at the seat of the Throne, at the garland...There was no 'evidence' visible to my eyes... But then, no complaint. After all, the Joy of the Journey is as wonderful as the joy of reaching the goal. Moon-darshan after the session, was beautiful too.... :)


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