Sunday, October 14, 2007

Picasso's "disturbing" genius !

16 Oct 08
It is almost a year since I posted the note on the 'disturbing genius' of Picasso. ( Time flies... !)
Glad to share some more insight into the genius.
  • Born in October 1881.
  • His first exhibit was at the age of 13
  • He was a modern artist. He paved the way for innovative and illustrative styles in painting
  • 'Inspiration exists, but it has to find YOU working'. . . let us convert our inspiration to hard work
  • But his last words were, "Drink to me, drink to my health, you know I can't drink anymore" (this, not very inspiring :)! )
14 Oct 07
It is four days since this quote hit my mail box... Indeed, it 'hit' me ! Rarely a quote or a message remains in my mind for such a long time... Hence, felt like sharing. TRULY INSPIRING !

Robins Blog -- Disturb When I was in Barcelona (coolest city on Earth?) this summer I hung out at the Picasso museum. Adored the place. In one room I read a sign that said simply: "People were disturbed by his genius."

Makes me wonder - what must you do and how excellent must you become for people to be "disturbed by your genius." Why not devote to being so staggeringly great in your work that people are stunned / alarmed / taken aback. No, much better: awed.

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GOPIVIJI said...

Very right. Gandhiji was one another person whose simple genius disturbed the mighty british empire. Yesterday there was a documentary in which they were telling how he gave sleepless nights to the british masters without actually doing or scheming anything. Many a times they just wished that he turned into a violent reolutionary and "not show the other cheek".